The Dirty War Tour


Learn the dark secrets of Argentinas past.
From how 20,000 Nazis entered the country with the help of the Vatican, the international Red Cross and Juan Peron.
And the effect that this would have on Argentinas future.

South America and the Cold War In the run-up to the dictatorship, we will learn of the Cold War effect. Of the CIA and General Pinochet in Chile and plan Condor which set the death squads of six South American countries loose across each other’s boarders.
The Dirty War In 1976 Argentina plunged into the most brutal dictatorship in its history. We will visit the park of memory and the ESMA the navy training school that became the most notorious clandestine torture and disappearance centre in Buenos Aires. We will learn of the death flights where dissidents were thrown to their deaths from military planes.

The Church and the Dictatorship The church and the dictatorship stood shoulder to shoulder in what was know as the programme of national reorganisation, but where did the church stand when the detainees were pregnant?. The details will shock you.

The Mothers of the Plaza de Mayo In 1977 a group of mothers formed a group called the Mothers of the Plaza de Mayo. They all had one thing in common. A family member had vanished without trace. They still march every Thursday at 330pm in the Plaza de Mayo wearing their iconic white headscarves and holding the pictures of their loved ones that disappeared.

Also in the tour we will visit the
Rose Gardens
The Park Of Memory
ESMA Navy training school
Recoleta cemetery
Plaza De Mayo
LA Boca

This tour last about 5 hrs.
Prices start from USD200 for 2 people.