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Travelling light is awesome, but it is always not possible to travel light. Carrying heavy baggage is a real nightmare. But sometimes it just can’t be avoided.

And particularly if you are travelling into the second largest metropolitan city of South America, you ought to pack every bit. And that would definitely make for heavy luggage. Argentina has all the worlds climates depending on which direction you travel.

Buenos Aires taxis understand the wrath of heavy weighted baggage and the discomfort the traveller has to face dragging them all along the way not to mention weight limits with the airlines. Hence in order to ease your luggage burden, you can rely on us.

We can prove to be your ultimate helping partner in solving this bulky problem of yours. Keep your valuables with us in our baggage storage facility and we return it back to you once you are back in Buenos Aires. We offer a pick up and drop off service anywhere in Capital Federal.

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Luggage Storage in BA

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